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Sunday, 17 June 2012

cardiac/respiratory failure

This week I translated a death certificate for a Coroner's office in SE England of an unfortunate gentleman who had passed away whilst on holiday in Germany. The Coroner has to satisfy himself that the death of the person was natural and no further investigation is needed.

1a) zentrales regulationsversagen = cardiac/ respiratory failure

1a) Hyposischer Hirnschaden =Hypoxic brain damage / brain stem death

1b) koronelle 3 -Gefaesse Erkrankung = Triple vessel coronary artery disease

The death certificate also featured 'Reanimation' (= resuscitation), but I did not feel that was relevant for the purpose of the English death certificate, as the above clearly shows a natural cause of death. I did inform my client, of course, that I did not include it within the certificate.

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